Inspirational stories from some of our clients

Suited to Success has offered much needed support to thousands of people. Below are just a few of our clients' success stories.

Some amazing outcomes in 2016 from our youth program.

"I've been going to Suited to Success since June this year and Michelle and Leigh have been a huge support for me. They have helped me with things such as fixing my resume, getting into a course, managing my mental health and wellbeing, setting up a self-care plan and helping me get into DBT therapy at New Farm Clinic. I have come a long way since June and could not have done it without the help of Suited to Success."


"The application form got posted and I just went to the interview with mum I should be starting on Friday thanks so much for helping me."


"I got the job! They're just sorting out my details then they'll put me on the roster. We've been communicating via email, but I'm about to go somewhere without internet for 2 days. Should I let them know in case they want to contact me? And thank you for all your help, I wouldn't have this without you. Thank you so much."


"I've just got the job. Thank you for all your help with everything and if you would be able to pass my thanks on to the Leigh for helping me in the boutique I would appreciate it. Thank you so much."





Eloise P attended the Ladies' Boutique on Monday 21st August 2017. She has decided on a change in a change of career path from general administration. She was looked after by our stylist Maree.


Courtney attended the Ladies’ Boutique on Monday 17th July, 2017. She has an interview for a Greenkeeping Apprenticeship within a large organisation. She was looked after by our stylist, Ailsa.

Nicole Hard-13 copy.jpg

We recently welcomed our 6000th Client for a Boutique Styling Session. While she was here we had some professional photographs taken for her and grabbed a brief quote after she was styled by one of our volunteers. We also presented her with a Pandora Bracelet as a gift for being our 6000th Client.

Congratulations to one of our Clients who has secured a full time job. We welcomed her back into our Boutique to receive a success gift of a Pandora Bracelet along with another work appropriate outfit.

Learning how to dress for work and present at an interview can really boost our clients self esteem.


Boosting confidence in how to present for an interview. An amazing transformation for one of our clients.




Ian attended Suited to Success for Boutique Styling. He was referred to us from Spinal Injuries Australia.



Indah moved to Australia with her family, including her three children, for a new life. Sadly after she arrived, her relationship broke down and she found herself homeless. Without a job or any financial security, Indah struggled to provide for her family, including her son who has a 



Raymond had been a job seeker for 5-6 months looking for a job in horticulture or aged care. He applied for dozens of roles each week. Each rejection was a tremendous knock to his confidence, to the point where he would rarely leave the house.



Erin remembers the precise moment when it finally became too much  - during a normal evening; dinner cooking,