Easy Resume Tips

There are different resume formats that you can choose. Try to make a resume between 2-3 pages. It must be concise and easy to read. Most resumes will have certain sections such as:

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Personal Details:

Include name


Contact numbers and email address

You do not have to include your birth date, marital status, gender, religion or parental status.

Employment History:

This should include your previous roles, organisations you worked for and the years that you were there. You start with the most recent job position.

You will also need to briefly describe your duties and some achievements. You could do this by using bullet points.


Include relevant certificates, licences and tickets and school, Tafe and Tertiary degrees. You start with the most recent courses.

You will need to state the certificate, the institution and the years you studied the course.

Summary of Skills and Attributes:

Summary of general professional skills and attributes. Some examples will be specific to the job. Some examples might be generic like you can work independently and in a team environment, good communicator, able to build rapport quickly with others etc.



Community or Volunteer Work:

You do not need to put interests and hobbies in a resume. However, you could include any community/volunteer work that you have been involved in.

You will need to include the years, role and organisation.


You will need to include at least two referees. Some jobs may ask for three referees.

You will have to include their details such as name, role, organisation and contact number and email address.



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