How to get your Dream Job

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Explore the possibilities

One of the most valuable exercises in planning a career is to explore the wide range of occupations that exists. A great way to conduct some research is to talk to everyone you know about their jobs. What is their position? What is the industry like? What does a day in their job look like? What was their pathway into the role? What training is generally required? What are the best (and worst) elements of the job. Also consider using free career exploration sites such as and which will provide a wealth of valuable information.


Incorporate your strengths into your career planning 

What are the three to five characteristics that most define you? Research suggests that using these signature strengths on a daily basis leads to great health and well-being outcomes, including greater job satisfaction. Of course there’s an added benefit in that you are likely to be good at your job if it draws on your strengths The free Via Character Strengths Assessment is a great tool for uncovering your strengths:

Spend some time thinking about what you would do if money didn’t matter

What activities in life energise you or result in you losing track of time because you are so engaged? What jobs might create an opportunity for you to perform these activities or create the underlying factors that engage you?

Once you have an idea what type of occupation you are interested in, develop a career action plan to detail the skills and personal attributes required to be ready for the role. Look at job advertisements for the role, or talk to others, to find out what is needed and determine how they can be achieved (eg. training courses, volunteering, on the job training). Also identify the timeframes in which you would like to develop them.

Plan and Action a Job Search Process

As you become job ready, plan and action a job search process that incorporates a range of strategies such as using LinkedIn, contacting those in your network, directly contacting people in the organisations employing these roles and regularly look at job boards.


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