Interview Skills Know the Interviewers Name

If you have an interview booked one very important thing to ensure is that you get the interviewers name correct.


When you are nervous it is often easy to forget someones name. Addressing someone and using their name shows that you are professional and that you have been listening. 

A tip is prior to the interview ask the organiser the name of the person conducting the interview. They usually are able to provide you with the names and their titles. Once you know the interviewers name write them at the top of your notes that you take into the interview. It is easy to open up your notes and see their names during the interview if you forget.

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Interview Skills Know About The Company

Handling the Interview

As part of your preparation for the interview it is a good idea to know about the company or organisation. Knowing information about the employer will show your interest and commitment to getting the job. Start by looking at the company’s website. Some good topics to research:

Know about the company.jpg
  • What kind of services and products are produced by the organisation?
  • When was the organisation established?
  • Who are the organisation’s main customers?
  • Which products or services are the most profitable or have the greatest potential?
  • Who are the major shareholders (if the company is listed on the stock market)?
  • What kind of publicity is the organisation getting? Are they in the news at the moment?

After your research think about questions you might want to ask during or after the interview based on what you have learned. You can also think about questions regarding the position you are applying for. It’s always a good idea to have a few prepared in case they ask if you have any questions for them.

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