Make this year’s Melbourne Cup a Race for Success.

🐎As many eyes turn to the Melbourne Cup for 2018, Suited to Success is encouraging people to turn their fun into “fun”draising to help support those facing barriers to employment.

📝Suited to Success provides interview skills, resume updates and styling sessions for that all important first impression. BUT without the support of individual and corporate donations along with designer donations to our Pre-Loved Clothing Boutique which we turn into retail sales much of that support will disappear.

💙So this is where you come in 💙

Thinking of holding a Corporate or work-based sweepstake?

Why not donate the proceeds to help fund a styling session for three people.

Or how about a “Best-dressed” Melbourne Cup competition?

💵Why not donate the proceeds to help fund a resume and interview skills workshop for three people.

Your donation won’t go unrecognised either – we can publish “shout outs” to donors on our social media and website - Or you can remain anonymous if you wish.

So, if you fancy making this year’s Melbourne Cup more than a race for the finish line – grab sweeps and donate a % of the takings.

Email us at or by phone on 3216 1969.

Thank you so much in advance.

How does it all work? It’s easy…

Just advise all entrants in the sweep that a % of the sweep will be donated to charity Suited to Success. Organisers can nominate the % of ticket sales to be nominated to the charity. Suggested amounts are between 20 - 40%.

Contact Nicole Hard, General Manager for questions on the rules under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 - Category 2. Prizes must not exceed $50,000.