Persistence pays off for Chris


A great job outcome for Chris

“I’ve been volunteering with a Community Youth Services organisation and a paid Youth Facilitator position recently became available there. I applied for it and have an interview for the role later today. Because it involves working with young people, I want to make sure that I can be seen as approachable and not too stuffy, so I definitely don’t want to wear a tie or anything else too fancy. At the same time, I still want to look neat and professional because I want to be someone that young people can aspire to be like. The outfit I got is comfortable, yet professional. I feel really confident that I can be myself at the interview.”

Update: While Chris felt confident at his interview, he was unsuccessful for this position. A few days later he attended another interview and successfully gained a position as a Mental Health Support Worker at a major hospital.

Congratulations Chris! 


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