Development Network Conflict Resolution Guest Speaker Brigid Leishman

Conflict Resolution

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We were delighted to welcome, at today's Development Network, Brigid Leishman as our guest speaker! Brigid is an experienced senior executive who has lived and worked in four countries. She has managed, worked with, and coached people at all levels and from many different backgrounds. She is known for her direct style and likes to bring humour to her presentations/which assists in embedding learning. She has raised four children as a working mother, so is well versed with conflict inside and outside of the workplace!

Follow this link to learn more about Brigid:

Brigid will cover the following key areas in relation to Conflict in the Workplace:

  • Five key reasons conflict arises
  • Manage, don't avoid
  • Conflict can be healthy
  • First principle, you are always in control of your own behaviour

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear and learn from Brigid’s experiences!

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