"I feel amazing about wearing this to an interview." - Feedback from Purvi, Styling Boutique Client

Purvi P_FullBody.JPG

“The first thing the stylist (Dala) asked me was what my favourite colour was to wear. I told her that I really like to wear red and she immediately started building an outfit off of that one thing. I learned from Dala that matching red with black and white really suits me. I felt really special because Dala wasn’t just giving me things to put on – She was asking me what lengths and patterns I like too which made me feel like she was listening to what I wanted. She never forced anything on me and as a result, the final outfit came together really easily. The handbag was the final piece and just brought everything together really nicely. I feel amazing about wearing this to an interview.”

Purvi is currently applying for administration roles.

Her dress and handbag came from a collection donated by Toowong Village Shopping Centre.
Her jacket was from a collection donated by Ernst & Young.
Her shoes were from a collection donated by Brookside Shopping Centre.

If you are applying for a job and have nothing appropriate to wear book in for a styling session now, contact info@suitedtosuccess.org