Raymond K

I have been a job seeker for the past 5-6 months looking for a job in horticulture or aged care. I’ve applied for dozens roles per week. Each rejection has been a tremendous knock to my confidence, to the point where I would rarely leave the house.

I registered with a service provider Matchworks who arranged a week of job skills training for me, which included a visit to Suited to Success.

My expectation for my appointment at Suited for Success was for it to be hopefully positive, where I could get a nice interview outfit. My expectations were absolutely surpassed. I found the day to be a positive experience, my stylist was extremely friendly and made me feel really comfortable, and assisted me finding a great suit.

Prior to visiting Suited to Success I rarely clothes shopped due to the expense and lacking self-confidence. Previously if I had a job interview I would have had to scrape together ‘chicken scratch’ of an outfit to wear. Today I feel ‘tremendous’ in my suit for when I have an interview.

As someone who usually avoids looking in mirrors, what I enjoyed most was seeing myself in the mirror at the end of the styling session and being happy with how I look.